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Web Servers

If you want to advertise your location to others, or if you want to explain some of your products to others having a website is almost as good for your business as a word of mouth complement by one of your customers.

Web Sites can be as simple as a one page notice or as complicated as you want want to make them. Usually web sites grow over time and an active web site may have 50 to 100 pages of content or more.

Your web site may only contain pictures and descriptions, but it may also have clickable links that allow a potential customer to send an e-mail directly to you. You can also have an order entry process, schedules, notices, the weather, or other things that are attractive to your clients.

There are many companies that host web sites. If you have a very simple site it is usually easiest to let one of these companies manage your affairs. However, if you want to manage your own website it is always good to have it on your own server. We use a tried and trusted opensource product called Apache.

If you have the www control bug, Apache is for you


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