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Serving DFW Texas for Over 25 Years


Software for Medical Applications It Makes my Life Easy

Smile has been a 25 year process. Originally I hired a firm to write some software that would manage our medical practice. It was a fun start and a good project. About a third of the way through the company I hired became caught in financial difficulties that lead to going out of business. Before all the programers were gone I became friends with a few and asked for their help. We preserved the manuals and everyone was gracious to give me a start by teaching me the fundamentals of programing.

I finished the project myself, and have continued to enhance the package so that it has done more and more every year.

Stay tuned to this page, I am going to add 25 years of history.

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Data Inquiry/Edit
  • Patient Data Scan via Name, Responsible Party, Employer, Account Number
  • Transaction Entry via Charges, Adjustments, Payments, or Diagnosis
  • Chart Print Module to include Regular, Follow-Up, Examination, Eye,
          Back, or Physical Medicine
  • Over 100 Special Forms for Special Circumstances
  • Documentation of Procedures for Physician/Provider Notes
  • Documentation of Procedures for Radiograph and Laboratory Reports
  • Documentation of Procedures for Professional Reports
  • Automatic General Ledger Entries for all Postings
  • Staff Time Cards / Payroll / 1099 Disbursements
  • Employer Client Database for protocols of W/C and Exams
  • V-Provider Client Database for protocols of Consultants
  • Electronic Monthly reports sent to clients via FAX or E-Mail
  • Electronic Monthly Invoices sent to clients via FAX or E-Mail
  • Daily generations of CMA-1500 forms for manual claims when necessary
  • Daily Audit Reports
  • Monthly Audit Reports
  • Monthly Client Reports
  • Monthly Utilization and Review Reports
  • White Board - Tracks all unfinsihed work
  • Electronic Downloads from Laboratories
  • Special NIDA and NON-NIDA Drug Screen Tracking
  • Ec-Screen Generations (Quick Screen Module)
  • OffSite Patient Management Module
  • Automatic Random Selection Service for Drug Screens and Breath Alcohol

  • Control your "Practice Management" with Smile
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