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Name Servers

If you are looking for an address of a remote computer connected to the internet your desktop computer will need to contact a "name server" to see what the ip address might be. After your desktop gets the ip address it can make contact with the remote computer. Name servers allow all of this to happen.

Name servers also hold information about how your network likes to receive e-mail or where all of your www web pages are stored. Each of us would be blind without being able to use name servers. Most of the time your isp (internet service provider) has their own name servers. However having your own local name servers allow you to address the comptures in your intranet just like those on the internet.

There are many parts or records of "name" servers. You might hear of a CNAME, MX, PTR, or TXT record. Each of these parts has a specific function related to communication over the internet. Don't worry about these we can set these up for you or you can have whoever manages your dns resolution give you advice.

The module that we use to set up name servers is called bind.

If you're looking around the internet you need bind


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